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Look for Expert Gate Fitters
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Posted: Fri, 27 May. 2016
Expires: Mon, 11 Jul. 2016
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Cal Nuggets10u team in Folsom(fall)
The Cal Nuggets Softball Organization ( will be forming a new 10u Fall Team (Folsom area). We will be hosting workouts on a weekly basis starting in the middle of June. The team will have tryouts in late July and early August. We are looking for all interested players wanted to learn the game of softball, be competitive and have fun playing. If you are looking for a private workout or want our communication to be confidential we understand, all communication or workouts will be strictly confidential. We will practice in the Folsom and our indoor facility is located in Orangevale Contact coach Mike to set up a private workout or to inquire any questions about the team. or call 650.642.7047

Posted: Tue, 24 May. 2016
Expires: Fri, 8 Jul. 2016
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10U Elk Grove Thunder adding player
10U Elk Grove Thunder A Travel Team Open Workout This Thursday.
Looking for ’05 or 06’ pitchers, in particular. Contact John at 916-284-1994 for the time and location or any questions.

Posted: Mon, 23 May. 2016
Expires: Thu, 7 Jul. 2016
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Birth dates \'99--\'00--\'01--\'02
Our solid catcher and defense
Use your pitching coach or ours.

Either side of the bag.


Proven college recruiting program.
Many college contacts.

Everyone plays Sat…..Best 9 start Sun.

Practice plans. Learn how to play more
than one position correctly.

are only min. from our complete softball facility
& full service staff in S. Sacto.


California Gold Rush 2016
Contact Coach Kim

Posted: Tue, 10 May. 2016
Expires: Fri, 24 Jun. 2016
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Strike Zone "A" Girls Softball Organization 10u all positions

Our team is coached by an experienced and proven coaching staff. Every year nearly 100 young women put on the Strike Zone uniform. Those young women have included a few hundred D1 college softball athletes, numerous All Americans and two current members of the US Olympic Team (Vicky Galindo and Alissa Haber).

Strike Zone lobby view:

Our website is:

Please go to our website and fill out a try out form if you are interested in joining Strike Zone

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Don Ford or call 408-590-4437 or Jamie Alas at 408-464-1285

Posted: Mon, 9 May. 2016
Expires: Thu, 23 Jun. 2016
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Valley ice 16u tryout
Valley Ice is looking to finalize their roster for summer and fall 2016. We are looking for experience travel ball players to fill positions such as catcher and utility. The Valley Ice Coaching Staff would like to help you get to the college level you desire to play. As well as give you the chance to be treated fairly, to play on a team that awards position on merit and hard work, not on favoritism. To give you the opportunity to know what it is like to play on a college structured and oriented team, lead by former Stan State player Amanda Hernandez and Toni Tafolla. If interested please contact us to schedule a private tryout ;-)

Contact Information

Email us at:

Call or Text at :
Head Coach: Amanda Hernandez (209)345-8987
Manager: Julio Hernandez (209)596-8655
Assistant Coach: Toni Tafolla (209)648-3469

Valley Ice

Posted: Thu, 5 May. 2016
Expires: Sun, 19 Jun. 2016
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RR Gold 14U
RR Gold 14U-Granados looking for a couple more players to fill our roster. If you are thru will high school ball and is still looking for a team or maybe you are not happy with your current situation then come check us out. All inquires are kept confidential. All positions are open. We will play "A" level tournaments plus showcases. We are looking for athletes who can play more than one position, there will be plenty of playing time for all. If you want to schedule a private workout or want more information call coach Anthony Granados @ 209-981-5036 or check out our website.

Posted: Sun, 1 May. 2016
Expires: Wed, 15 Jun. 2016
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RR Gold 14U needs a couple more
RR Gold 14U needs a couple of more players to fill our roster. We are looking for a starting catcher, 3rd base or utility player and a third pitcher . We will play ASA and showcases. If you are a catcher who wants playing time this is the team for you. We currently have a "back up" catcher, we are looking for a "STARTING" catcher. All playing time is earned nothing is given. We are looking for a few more pieces to fill our roster. This team will also go up to 16U in the fall or sooner. If you are interested or want more info call coach Anthony Granados @ 209-981-5036 or check out our web site

Posted: Sun, 17 Apr. 2016
Expires: Wed, 1 Jun. 2016
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