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Forum Willow heart of Wicca

Posez toutes vos questions, laissez vos coups de coeur, vos humeurs...Envie de trouvez des correspondants, des adresses... Vous voici à LA bonne place.

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We've been asked to deliver an important message by the Cherubic Order of Angels, who are our benefactors. The message pertains to End Times and explains what is required to obtain Eternal Life. Our intent is not to preach, judge or convince. It is our responsibility in our ordination by Christ to deliver it to all God's children as we near the culmination of End Times and beginning of the Great Tribulation which leads to Armageddon. Whether you choose to accept this message as truth is up to you. It is a Free Will issue. Visit: and for more information and to view the visual message visions from the Cherubic Order visit