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Sidewalk Astronomers - IYA and ISAN
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Kunming International Trade Center unveiled the Se




estate on June 6, Xinhua Kunming (Reporter Liu Huan) June 6, the second China -???????? South Fair in Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center. Opening half past eight, after a rigorous security correspondent, went to the fourth International Exhibition Center Hall World Trade Centre Hall, found many gathered in front of the media and the public to visit. According to an interview with reporters, Kunming World Trade center is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.



???????? nine o'clock, the World Trade Centre Association chief Officer Eric? Dahl speech to announce the World Trade Centre Hall officially opened. Ruanfeng Bin, deputy mayor of Kunming, the World Trade Center Association vice president Wang Xun, Taipei World Trade Xi Wang Meng, Deputy Secretary-General of the center, Guandu District, Deputy Mayor Chen Jiang and other relevant leaders attended the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony.


???????? Venues


???????? world Trade Centre Hall is spliced ​​together by a large LED display, forming a world five continents map. Through the LED screen, you can see the World Trade centers around the world picture. The venue with blue tones, mainly in the form timeline tells the world Trade center development process, three-dimensional sand table showing the Kunming World < b style = "color: black; background-color: # ffff66"> Trade center looks like,cheap designer glasses, the whole hall full of international norms and technological sense.


???????? opportunity Kunming international development


???????? Kunming World Trade Center (WTC) in 2008 officially authorized in 2009 in Kunming Jia Wah Plaza Hotel was formally established, after five years of preparations, officially unveiled at the Kunming Expo. Reporters saw at Kai Wah Plaza construction site has put up a fence. According to the World Kunming Trade Marketing vice president Zhang Zhihong introduction, Kunming World Trade center is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.


???????? world Trade center located in Kunming, Kunming city with international development closely. With China - ASEAN Free Trade District established a bridgehead for South Asia, ASEAN to start construction, investment, China's fourth largest airport in long airport's water use , built in Kunming subway, as the gateway to the city of Kunming Pan-Asian Free Trade Area of ​​China, an unprecedented pace to become the trade area's most investment prospects business city, but also to Kunming strode out into the metropolis of international influence.


???????? Currently, the World Trade Center was constructed in Kunming Kunming effective links with more than 100 countries and 300 cities around the world, the development of symbiotic bond, which will speed up the pace towards the international Kunming.


???????? since the establishment of the World Trade Center in Kunming, Yunnan international business exchanges and cooperation with local companies to provide a broad platform to promote local businesses and faster integration into the world market.




???????? go out and make the brand stand Yunnan world


???????? Yunnan local businesses, there are many national giants, but when it comes to companies with a global reputation, but almost none. Limited by geopolitical and information exchange platform, Yunnan enterprises to go on this road long way to go.


???????? world Trade Centre to build a global capital platform, business information platform, government service platform, will Yunnan local enterprises to provide a showcase themselves with other global business communication platform for Kunming business with the world. The arrival of the World Trade center for local enterprises into the international Yunnan brings a rare opportunity to let the world stand in Yunnan enterprises for