Sidewalk Astronomers - IYA and ISAN

Please add all your ideas, thoughts and plans concerning the International Year of Astronomy's different programs  - 100 Hours, Dark Skies Awareness, Universe Awareness, etc.

Sidewalk Astronomers - IYA and ISAN
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3.14 Maserati Passion Imagine Cup Lowest _ preside



Recently, Tianjin Teng Hung International trade Limited learned new now the car to the shop, high cost sports car , a rare opportunity MISS, specific details please contact us, Tel: 15822149978

models (Tianjin quote) color Price price changes Note
Maserati CEO Blue Power Conference Offers are cars
2014 年 6 月 15 日 latest offer tabulation:


Appearance: 2014 models cut a new design more "vicious", increase in body size also improves the car's performance space by grid straight waterfall style changed, and with the active steering function of the new Bi-Xenon headlights, and more joined in the bottom 10 of the LED lights.




details: 2014 Maserati president did not like the old blind pursuit of retro style luxury , Poltrona Frau leather in bright colors add a lot of metal to set off the dark wood, in order to achieve a balance sport and luxury.




Interior: 2014 Maserati president of comfort in the interior sets a higher standard . Engineers and designers hand technology to integrate the most appropriate way to the car, and did not destroy the essence of the design.




almost feel the smell got