Sidewalk Astronomers - IYA and ISAN

Please add all your ideas, thoughts and plans concerning the International Year of Astronomy's different programs  - 100 Hours, Dark Skies Awareness, Universe Awareness, etc.

Sidewalk Astronomers - IYA and ISAN
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Garmin VivoFit intelligent Bracelet wearable devic

in the intelligent growing prosperity around the wrist wearable market, this business a hotly contested spot struggle increasingly fierce. Many of us may choose Garmin VivoFit covering our wrists base. It keeps track of your activity level, and the fashionable style make it in any occasion is appropriate. Even so, but VivoFit is better than wearable devices recently? We'll overhand evaluation, explore.


Garmin VivoFit very low-key. The black belt is made of rubber materials, looks very fashionable, suitable for everyday wear. The display is not backlit Bracelet , it is a tough problem. However, keeps a low profile style bracelet. Ring can be replaced, a band two sizes of boxes. You don't have to worry that it will fall off accidentally, it is always on your wrist, and don't bother is difficult to remove the ring . Bracelet no lights, no voice. Bracelet buckle design is also quite good, both fashion and low-key, like other equipment.

We tested the Garmin Vivofit Plus

. Heart rate monitor Vivofit Plus collocation is also very fashionable, but it's tied in front of him, therefore, when you're in line at the grocery store, others are not likely to see. Even so,, it is very fashionable, and as comfortable and chest belt. This product is also equipped with a very small USB receiver, the equipment used to sync to your desktop, although we prefer the convenience of mobile synchronization.


Vivofit is unique in that it has no onboard software worth mentioning. Display only provide simple information your activity level, also not too like a user interface. Such a simple interface means you will need to sync it, but this is the one and only Vivofit found almost have good prospects of gain market. You don't need to Vivofit with intelligent mobile phone, because it is in addition to the Android or iOS application and desktop software.

whether mobile or desktop applications, all applications are also running. This is very good. Converting between devices, there is no learning curve. Even so, you have to remember that every time you need to synchronize. If you last week is synchronous intelligent mobile phone, information may not be easily obtained on the desktop. What is Vivofit? It can be applied to let you know how much you active.

like wearable device, the device also reduce application. This summary of your activity level, providing short message, tell you within a day of how much you do exercise. It provides >