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Smart boss bought 80 wristbands as a Labor Day gif


Chongqing Morning News (Reporter Liu Xiao Yan) "in order to allow employees to work overtime fifty-one still, do not ignore health, this time I spent more than 30,000 yuan, to send each employee a smart bracelet as a Labor Day gift." Yesterday, after 80 city a software company boss Charles, had come to Suning guanyinqiao super stores, each employee for the company to buy a value of 1500 yuan of intelligence bracelet , as a holiday gift payment.


Yesterday, the reporter in Suning guanyinqiao super store to see Ho and Suning two sales people will just buy 25 Smart bracelet , mounted to the car's trunk. Ho introduced his own company specializing in software development, project due to the recent tight schedule, all employees are working overtime the past two months, five did not rest.


to reward employees, in order to allow employees to work overtime while not forgetting to maintain good health, and therefore specifically for each employee to buy a smart bracelet as a Labor Day gift.


sales personnel, the smart bracelet worn on the hand and smart phones via Bluetooth, you can log in daily life exercise , real-time data such as sleeping and eating, healthy lifestyle play a role by guiding the data, while the smart Ho purchased bracelet is listing of the latest styles this year, priced 1,500 yuan, Ho bought a 25 this time, the total price reached 37,500 yuan.


Ho said that although his company's employees more young people, but also more fashion forward, but the smart bracelet such Goods also do not know much, but also see the introduction of its own foreign websites came to understand, I believe the company can also cause back a little sensation.

 In addition to the smart

bracelet such "fresh goods" sells appliances merchandising the 51 regular class is also very popular. Suning's sales data, May 1 and 2, two days, all the stores selling their city over the same period last year increased more than 2 times the highest selling single of which more than 60 million. Products, air conditioning, television, still play a leading role, and smart phones, smart bracelet is the kind of cutting-edge equipment sales last year, more than 5 times .