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Sidewalk Astronomers - IYA and ISAN
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Interview with General Manager Cotton Tree Interna

 market effects

Guangdong Fashion Week, Fashion Week from market forces around the platform formed, but also from Guangdong garment role in promoting industrial transformation and upgrading of market forces . Wanted, fashion has always been, regardless of national boundaries, through a field of local and international design brands Fashion interpretation, review freeze under the spotlight again, not only to define fashion trend, but also to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between Chinese enterprises and international clothing apparel industry. Guangdong's annual fashion week this August predictable turn, the first show in 2013 in Milan did not retreat into the Cotton Tree of heat, the trend has been nonstop pointer vane pointing this August, as an important venue for the Fashion Week in Guangdong First, to show innovation and international fashion trends released activity as the main content of the Cotton Tree International Fashion Week and will give the industry what kind of surprise and subvert it?

 General Manager

Cotton Tree International Fashion City Bo Xiaoqiang said no to the Cotton Tree International Fashion Week as a special activity Guangdong Fashion Week stylized "regular" to do, but based on strengthening cultural exchanges, optimization and integration of resources, expanding market channels, especially in 2013 for the first time in Milan show into China, and Italy fashion Association to carry out in-depth cooperation in promoting Sino-Italian Fashion apparel industry exchanges and cooperation but also further highlights the international level Kapok international fashion city. fashion Cotton Tree and Europe, Korea, Japan and other countries Interactive is constantly exploring and trying. In 卜晓强 opinion, the Guangdong native design strengths and international fashion full integration of resources, to promote more domestic brand strength and international Fashion Brand exchanges and butt into the platform and then the real value and cultural value of international fashion week exactly where.


channel development based on international


from international trends, market shrinking external demand, trade frictions, the cost advantage down the development of garment and textile enterprises moving from price competition to brand, design, Fashion , and cultural changes based integrated competition dedicated to design innovation and brand development become a business choice. From the domestic situation, the expansion of the domestic market, the domestic fashion popular international brands to enter China's textile and garment industry is facing industrial upgrading, restructuring . Under the influence of domestic and international environment, Cotton Tree City has roots in international fashion channel development in the internationalization process, and strive to change and improvement.


for the European market, in early 2014, Mr. Andre Cotton Tree hired director of operations for the European brand clothing of channels, "European rule of man in Europe," European channel expansion mode and the introduction of the brand seems to be more pragmatic. This is reminiscent of the 2009 test water Han Han rule of man, attracted a large number of well-known designers, including South Korea, including the strength of the Ming Yu Shuo brand settled, Cotton Tree Korean brand pattern has been highlighted, as the Korean brand Hongmian bridgehead to expand China market, popularity in Korea is also rising.


卜晓强 said: "The success proves the rule of man Han Han for the expansion needs of the international market 'remedy', European fashion brand has been in the history of The river of experienced market test, with reference and guidance. To further expand on the international road, the urgent need to rely on the introduction of 'external brain', to provide some foreign markets, consumer habits, an important element in consumer attitudes, etc. especially international brands operating in the road, Andre is the right person. " April 27, 2014 - May 7, Andre Cotton Tree Brand led the delegation visited the form of Bologna, Italy, and Naples Cis Nola Centergross clothing wholesale market, appreciation of the world's top brands latest fabrics and styles,

Jul 5th, 2014 - 11:51 AM