as this year's blockbuster models Geely Automobile, Geely Dorsett new EC7/EC7-RV industry and consumers has been much attention, and now, the model has finally unveiled the truth, to get at the information from the manufacturers point of view, relative to the current model, the new EC7/EC7-RV on the exterior, interior, made a new and improved configuration has increased dramatically, which EC7-RV hatchback models in styling and interior design, it is used a lot Fashion element, highlighting the vibrant sporty car.


modeling fashion dynamic atmosphere rich interior motion




Visually, the new EC7-RV shape more clearly this hatchback, hit the young, the idea of ​​movement routes, vehicle exterior use a lot of outstanding sporty design elements, not only exudes rich Fashion breath, but also to the quality feel of the new EC7-RV can be further enhanced. Body size, the new EC7-RV is identical with the current model, length, width and height of 4397mm × 1789mm × 1470mm respectively, wheelbase 2650mm.

 The new design of the front part of the

EC7-RV can be described as exceptionally sharp, blackened headlights consonance with lens extraordinarily deep, showing a strong sporty; newly designed grille, more three-dimensional shape, black front bumper lip, not only to make the front part of a more vivid sense of depth,mens sunglasses brands, it is visually reinforces the sense of movement; black underlay fog lights, front bumper and complement each other.


new EC7-RV silhouette and rear styling still follows the old models of the classic design, and adds new highlights. The new three-dimensional cutting double five-spoke wheels, polished aluminum alloy to enhance the sense of quality, cutting-dimensional design to highlight the vitality of the overall sound of movement style. Black trim below the rear bumper, front lip with a black front bumper, sporty roared out.


new EC7-RV new all-black interior, use this color for the interior to create a strong campaign atmosphere. Careful observation is not difficult to find, interior details new EC7-RV has also undergone a number of changes such as the instrument panel floor from the previous silver turned black, more visually coordinated with the overall tone interior; Geely Dorsett using LOGO on the steering wheel Metal-dimensional design; Automatic header to optimize the design, the use of leather material wrapped, texture and feel pretty good.


adhering 5 technology to enhance the security configuration


configuration, the new EC7-RV not only inherited a rich and thoughtful comforts include automatic configuration of the current model with air conditioning, leather seats, is also equipped with G-netlink intelligent vehicle terminal system, which provides a real-time navigation keys, car communications, security, lifestyle information, and a wealth of entertainment and other travel services, cruise control function also appears in the car's configurations, so that the new EC7-RV humane, convenient, reached a level of intelligence unprecedented heights.




addition to changing and enhancing styling, interior configuration, the new EC7-RV also inherited the Imperial brand proud of the safety genes, six airbags, ABS + EBD and other safety equipment readily available.


power, the new EC7-RV power follows the current model offers two 1.5L and 1.8L engine displacement, which 1.5L engine maximum power of 80kW, the maximum torque of 140N · m; 1.8L engine maximum power of 98kW, the maximum torque of 170N · m, it is understood, the 2013 Imperial EC7-RV will launch 1.8L CVT distinguished type and elite, as well as 1.5L MT distinguished type, elite and aggressive, a total of five models.


more commendable is that in service, the new EC7/EC7-RV offer longer warranty service, from the original 3-year or 100,000 km, elevated to a four-year or 100,000 km. Predictably, after a new design, more in line with the new EC7-RV fashion trends, consumer trends more personalized fit, and in vehicle quality , technology configuration, as well as service and other aspects were significantly improved, is bound to be a more promising market.


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