Sidewalk Astronomers - IYA and ISAN

Please add all your ideas, thoughts and plans concerning the International Year of Astronomy's different programs  - 100 Hours, Dark Skies Awareness, Universe Awareness, etc.

Sidewalk Astronomers - IYA and ISAN
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Nissan bilian modified 12 21 commercial vehicle ch



recently, from Kona Tianjin International Trade Limited has learned that Nissan modified 12/21 groupe purchase better seat, fully equipped, Tianjin latest offer. Interested friends may wish to look. Please call 24-hour telephone:


Nissan bilian Price List
model name now discount rate are cars
Nissan bilian Power Conference Power Conference Offers are cars




in, visibility than Bilian loud, but bilian comfort and high cost absolutely not under. As the only medium to reach high-end 4.5L displacement, Bilian driving in any road environment, can handle it. .



upscale midsize bilian stylish front face with super wide arc-shaped front windshield, can provide good visibility for the driver, the driver's blind spot when the steering is not great. Provided by Bridgestone, 16-inch wheels are chrome, the overall look is very beautiful. Whether it is from a performance and price perspective, Nissan has always been of domestic enterprises Bilian welcome.




worth mentioning is fully enclosed privacy glass, green thermal design effectively block ultraviolet rays, and add color glass will help improve the efficiency of the air conditioning system. Bilian has superior headroom, wide seats, clear instrument neat, board layout,custom silicone wristbands, exquisite style and luxury, whether the driver or passenger who themselves are extremely comfortable, leisurely enjoy every journey.


: Kona Tianjin International Trade Limited


car Tel:


Address: Tanggu, Tianjin Free Trade Zone No. 55 seaside 5-way import joint exhibition