Sidewalk Astronomers - IYA and ISAN

Please add all your ideas, thoughts and plans concerning the International Year of Astronomy's different programs  - 100 Hours, Dark Skies Awareness, Universe Awareness, etc.

Sidewalk Astronomers - IYA and ISAN
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1 female: put it on!

m: don't wear more comfortable.

female: wearing safety point.

m: believe me technology.

woman: don't wear won't let you in.

m: do not wear it like a man.

female: you don't bother! Ride a motorcycle sac a dos mcm helmet will die?

2. was a poor, when my son got married, his mother had no money to buy underwear for him, with the bag to help him do the pants. Wedding night take off your trousers, wife fainted on Michael Kors Günstig the spot. The front of the underpants writes: net weight 25 kg, Thailand...

3. monkeys steal a man take a shower. Suddenly a monkey laugh off the tree, ask why? It says: the human is Givenchy Pas Cher really strange, the tail is so short, do you put in front! I laughed my head off!!

4. elephant at the camel said: " you Mimi how long in the back? " " " camel hum! Said: " I never Jiji long in the face of people talking! " snake heard laughter, the elephant said: " the length of the face in the chicken. What's so funny! You `!? "

5. chicken with cow grumble: " human let us lay more eggs, but the family planning, so not fair." Niu said: " your grievance calculate what, so many people eat my milk, but no one call me mom.``"

6. a male lavatory. Next door suddenly said: the recent good? Is not impolite answer: okay. Next door said: busy what? This man: on a business trip. The next: I'll hang up, this is a neuropathy, a talk he rushed to answer

7. the love is like ****, a salt water will never come back. Love;