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health issues

I worked in Kitzengen Germany from 1977 to 1979 as a 24G20 hawk missle tech. I was wondering has any of you who had been exposed to these radars have has some strange health issues you can't explain? I have had to have at least 13 surgeries for soft tissue damage that no doctor can explain. It started with my tendons and then my disks in my spine would just blow out and cause damage to my nerves. carpel tunnel so bad they not only had to go through my wrist to repair but my elbows too. Gall bladder removed and heart problems. No one in my family had any of these kinds of problems. I use to blame it on wrestling all these years until I met a vet who asked me what I did in the service. He said did you ever think that may have done it. What does radar do he asked? first Radar oven was discovered because of what these things did. They cook you from the inside out. They heat the water molecules in your body and can dry them out. I found all kinds of articles on it too but how to you show something that is invisible and the only kinds of study's is for Phone RF which is low power RF and not even the same power and Frequency. please contact me at thanks

Re: health issues

Exposure To Non Ionizing Radiation
Exposure To Non Ionizing Radiation By Radar, Microwave Radio Frequency,

Look this over and consider visiting your local Veterans Affairs office to get Registered for your ‘Exposure To Microwave, RF Radiation for your assignment with Hawk ADA. You too should be Registered for ‘Occupational Exposure During Military Service With The US Army ADA‘.


Personal History Of Exposure To Ionizing Radiation (ICD-9-CM V15.89) To all of us ADA Veterans and those who served with the Air Surveillance Radar.

Just getting this information out to all Veterans who may qualify for this New Screening. This Ionizing Radiation Screening the VA came out with this year is for All Veterans who served around Microwave RF Radar Radiation,

No Matter if you have medical problems that may link to this or not; -> ‘Register’! This includes our Cooks, Mechanics, MPs, Maintenance, Commo, Medics, etc. that were there with us. Trapper

This is for ALL ADA Assigned Veterans. So, pass this out to all of these contacts that you have who apply to this! Army, Marine, AF and Navy Veterans who served with ADA or any Air Surveillance Radar, needs this Accurate Information.
Please update/inform our Veterans. This statement needs to show up for these Veterans, VA Medical Record.
ACTIVE PROBLEM: Personal History Of Exposure To Ionizing Radiation (ICD-9-CM V15.89)
Ref: Veterans Health Benefits Handbook, July 2012, Chapter 3, Page 19.
Ref: Ionizing Radiation Review, Volume 5, February 2011,

Note From Veteran Carl Palmer, 24D/24G, SFC, A & B 3/7 ADA

Correct, the full impact of RADAR Exposure on a HAWK Site is still in discovery. We had the PAR, ROR, CWAR, HIPIR Radars using Multiple Radiation Frequencies and Power Levels, to include ICC / PCP Rotating Microwave Antennas.

Reference: National Center for Biotechnology Information PUBMED 19035449 (and related HAWK RADAR citations)

My purpose of sharing is Information is to get Fellow HAWKERS on a VA Registry, to have this as part of your Military Medical History, to be on their Data Base in event of any follow-up programs possibly resulting from the Exposure. ‘You never know’.

The 4 VA Health Registries are: Agent Orange Review
Operations Iraqi Freedom / Enduring Freedom Review
Gulf War Review
& Ionizing Radiation Review

These Registries include a Free Specialized and Comprehensive Health Examination provided by a VA Environmental Health (E H) Clinician.
Reference: -> Veterans Health Benefits Handbook, July 2012, Chapter 3, Health Registries, page 19.

Re: health issues

I ve had problems with neck pinch nerves i served as 16D/10hawk msl crewman1977/79 at site in Graf

Re: health issues

My name is William Kenney I served in South Korea in 1967-1968 with Battery A 2nd Battalion (HAWK)71st Arty, 38 Air Defense Artillery. My CWO would receive calls from the chemical cor. that they were coming to spray our adman. and TAC site. When they arrived I was required to draw a weapon and ride security on the truck. All our personal were told to stay indoors. Now the government states that it all never happened. I know where I was and what I had to do. Still fighting for my benefits. I know for a fact that ALL Air Defense Artillery units were sprayed.

Re: health issues

does anyone have anymore info. on this, i was assigned to 3rd laam bn 77-81, trying to get more info. i remember when we had to align radars, we were suppose to switch to dummy mode, remembering some of the dummies i served with was wondering how many times these were never switched over while we were aligning the radars. thanks tony

Re: health issues

I severed 1st MAW 1st LAAM Bn C Battery Hill 327 Viet Nam. I can not have children. My sperm count is very low. Would this be a symptom of radar exposure?


Re: health issues

ive been to va many times for neack back and whole body stiff
they say its all in my head .
and ulcers
they say being aroud raidars would not cause that .
and also woundering that crap we put on the ground to kill the
grass no our site ?

Re: health issues

Hi, how do I get on this registry? I served in 2 ADA units. (Fort Lewis, WA/Korea & Fort Riley, Kansas (1980-1984) and have health issues.

Re: health issues

I served with or was attached to an ADA unit in Germany and I do not know how many times that myself and other 11Bravos would be in front of the radar when it was on in the field and we were NEVER told that it was on as they were suppose to do. We had to do our job in the field being attached to them. This was B 4/3ADA that changed to B 4/43rd ADA. This was from January 88 to December 89.

Now I have multiple issues, scars on my lung, have to use oxygen and CPAP to sleep, an abnormal protein in my blood linked to Leukemia if it increases so I am with hematology for the rest of my life, thyroid problems and that's just to name a few things.

I emailed the coordinator for my local VA a few times over time and no one every responded. I submitted a claim and documentation of where, when and the unit I was attached too to also get on the registry.

What else can I do??? My health is getting worse and worse. I haven't worked due to my health issues since 2010. I am receiving Social Security and Compensation but it's not Total and Permanent. I'm only 48 and there's things that I want to do, but can't and this bothers the shit out of me as this is not me. Never thought I would be like this.

When it comes to the VA, what else can I do. All of this with PTSD and depression does not help me at all....

Re: health issues

I am a ex 24g20 icwar icc mechanic with more health issues than Carter's got liver pills. Feb 21st 2018 I go fighting for all of us. I have proof I have Drs backing me and I pray I don't get shut down.

Re: health issues

I was stationed in Babenhausen Germany from 79 to 82 and when we would get finished with radar exercises the next morning all of the rabbits around that area their eyeballs would be bulging out of their heads ! I have several health issues and I wonder if that's connected with being in a hawk missile unit ? So should I let the VA know about being in that unit ? And find out if my illnesses may be related ?

Re: health issues

I served in Germany and Key West Florida on the Hawk missles. I have multiple health issues including a double lung transplant due to scarring in the lungs. I have contacted VA about getting on the registery. They said that there is not one that it is just a joke on the net. Any one have soecific info?

Re: health issues

Yes,the va is slow to recognize this type of radiation. I have been fighting this for some time. I have a heart condition, and I also have spine and leg problems that has buffaloed some Drs. My suggestion is to. First cont,act a senator or represents everything , the meaner the better,the tell them your story, and ask to see va rep usually at the American legion or vfw. Submit your claim and wait. If it is denied, which is usually the case, then go back to the Sen or rep, and appeal.

Re: health issues

Have you received the C&P exam for the radar