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HAWK Missile Veterans Association
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One Pfennig Challenge

A.G. Player sent me a HAWK missile veterans association coin, or as my son, the Air Force Major likes to call them, an RMO - ROUND MEDAL OBJECT.

Back in Schweinfurt, A.G. and I frequented German bars on occasion where the locals had what was called the one pfennig challenge. A patron would slap a one pfennig coin on the bar and whoever didn't have one would have to buy a round. The small denomination coin was pretty rare, probably even less today. I've seen bartenders with a jar of them on the shelf going for five marks apiece.

Here at Ft Lewis the same tradition at our NCO club was with I Corps coins.

Sound familiar?

Re: One Pfennig Challenge

Interesting. I was stationed in BK during the early 60's but never bheard of that practice, perhaps not enough time spent down town, ha. Oh well I still have a handful of various demonstrations of phennings and maybe a mark or two.