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2nd/71st ADA - Korea

Here's a link to a Facebook page which is all about those who served in the 2nd (Hawk) Missile Bn of the 71st Air Defense Artillery in Korea. Check it out and add your photos and experiences to the page. You may find someone you know there.

Re: 2nd/71st ADA - Korea

I was at 2/44th at Camp Howard DSP in 1977. I wish I had a yearbook.

Re: 2nd/71st ADA - Korea

Greetings ....

Landed in Korea February 1964 and was assigned as a Fire Control Operator at Camp Kaiser for about six months in the generator section under a Spec/Sgt (?) ...last name... Garcia section and then I was transferred to Camp Jonathan Williams and became CWAC operator for the rest of my tour.... Check my my websites at and for updated info... Hope to hear from some of my comrades from back then especially the medic his name might have been Bristol. He took some pictures. I have no memorabilia from then. I hope some remembers me :)Also Frank Thompson who stayed in the service went through Hawk School with me. We turned out to be good buddies back then and spent part of tour in the same unit together... Shoutouts to him if anyone knows him...


Guy Sims
Greenville, NC

Re: 2nd/71st ADA - Korea

I was at D 2/71 16D Crew chief, and worked in training NCO position. Don't know for sure when all were there but if you remember me just give shout out.

Re: 2nd/71st ADA - Korea

Both links do not work.

Re: 2nd/71st ADA - Korea

I was stationed at D 2/71 78-79 and 80-81. Never did like the ride up to tac site. The ride down was even worse. Highest tac site in the world with very little space. Don't miss it one bit.