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6th Platoon, 30th Ord. Co.--Camp Page, South Korea 1967-68

Served in 6th Plt., 30th Ord. Co. at Camp Page south Korea from Jan 67-Feb 68. We were attached to hdqs. co. 7/5, 38th Arty. for lodging and meals only. We provided direct support to A battery(Camp Kiser), B battery (Mabong Mountain) and C and D batteries(I can't remember where they were located. I was a 23T20 (HPI and CWAcq). 5th Platoon was at Camp Red Cloud and 4th platoon was in Seoul near Yongsan. In Feb. 68 there were six of us that rotated and we were all 23T20 and all of us were sent to Germany with less than a year left in the Army. Five of us went to 4th Ord. Co. at Miesau and one was sent to an arty unit at Aschaffenburg. Would like to hear from Joe Daudier and Bob Herbst (6th Plt.), Jim Drach(5th Platoon), and Cal Strickler and Bill Chadwick(4th Plt.)
I enjoy your site very much and reading all the posts. Thanks for the space to try and contact some buddies.

Tom Ward, SP/5 U.S. Army 1966-1968

Re: 6th Platoon, 30th Ord. Co.--Camp Page, South Korea 1967-68

Tom Ward,

I served in the 4th Platoon, 30 Ord. Co. at Niblo Barrack from (1967-1968),
as 23T20 Radar Repair. I also was sent to Germany in Feb.68. Went to 4th. Ord.
Co. at Miesau. I remember you from the 6th. Platoon, also had a lot fun with
Carl Strickler and Bill Chawick in Germany!

Contact me at

Love to hear from you!!