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B-Battery 7th of the 5th 1967

Like to hear from anyone who serve with me up on the mountain in 1967. Spec. 4 Vernon Beachum Pulse Acquisition Radar and ROR ("Mickey Mouse Ears - Road Only Radar") Maintenance Tech.

Re: B-Battery 7th of the 5th 1967

HI,I wasn't at B-Btry i was in A-Btry.Camp Kaiser 66-68.Glad to fine someone that was there the same time but not in my Unit camp.

Re: B-Battery 7th of the 5th 1967

I was there. Captain told me to put all my things in this large box. It went out on the courier a couple hours later, I saw it leave.. an hour later the ship incident happened and I was extended another 30 days or so.. with no change of clothes, etc..
Launch crew member.. in my spare time armed dog handler.. with no ammo! meanwhile I had bullets ''zing'' past me several times while walking around the post. I was a very young kid at the time. The Highest Hawk missile Latrine in the world served us well. haha Met a lot of great people there. Learn a lot from all of you. Hope your life is going well for you.