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HAWK Missile Veterans Association
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6th Bn 44th ADA in Korea

Here are the coordinates for 6/44 ADA units in Korea. All tac sites are still manned by the ROK.

A Btry 36°56'35.43"N, 126°57'44.07"E
B Btry 35°54'11.42"N, 126°40'42.92"E
C Btry 36°56'32.27"N, 126°34'6.30"E
D Btry 36° 9'14.92"N, 126°33'46.34"E
HHB (Reno Hill) 36°31'49.49"N, 126°37'30.47"E
DS (Camp Howard) 36°56'11.32"N, 127° 9'32.75"E