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Hawk missile unit 1970-71 okinawa

Served in Btry D 3rd ADA. as a 24f20. Site was near yoga dog a.

Re: Hawk missile unit 1970-71 okinawa

I was there too. MOS 16E10 ( BTRY D 8TH MSL BN 3RD ARTY APO SF 96331) Honorable discharge 2/11/65

I stayed at Fort Buckner until Viet Nam got hot, then transfered to TOKASHIKI.
I had duty driver several times. We had a dog there and her name was she she. She loved to ride shot gun with her head out of the window, just behind my back.

I was looking for a Battery unit chevron.I wanted to put it on my vetrans hat. Don't recall seeing one at the gate. of course at that age, I didn't give a dam. Don't know if the D battery msl unit is still there.They talked about sending it to Viet Nam.

Hey was Lt. Conners still there when you were on Tokashiki?

My second E-mail: should you want to write.

Re: Hawk missile unit 1970-71 okinawa

I worked the Pulse Radar section. I live in Angola, NY outside of Buffalo NY. My best friend at that time was Fred Dare. I arrive there around May of1970,left Nov. 1971. Got back to Ft. Bliss and was discharged in Jan.1972