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Re: chemicals used to clean missile parts.TCE

I was in Hawk for 13 years and used TCE for cleaning a lot. I have liver damage, kidney damage, thyroid disease, bladder cancer, cataracts and severe disc herniation and spinal stenosis. TCE can cause most of these problems and I get all my medical care at the VA but I have not filed a claim and I doubt it would do any good anyway . From what I've read the VA is pretty lacking in the knowledge of what TCE can do to your health from exposure and to get a VA Dr to say your illness is more likely than not caused by exposure to this chemical is probably going to be hard to do.

Re: chemicals used to clean missile parts.

MEC. Methyl Ethyl Keytone??
Sorry about spelling.....

Re: chemicals used to clean missile parts.

Let me know how this goes for you I am going to file a claim also , my older brother has and get some money for this crap. If you read up on this crap its pretty nasty stuff, man I remember getting the crap on me and it burned like hell and made me all red and sore as hell, I was at c 3/59 ADA 75- 77 and D 2/57 ADA78-81 then New Mexico national Guard 81-85 Hawk,never was there safety gear, it also felt pretty good if you splashed it in your eye.

Re: chemicals used to clean missile parts.TCE

J Palka
Thanks for your reply. I have had a thyroid disorder for over 35 years. My doctor submitted proof of the correlation between thyroid disease and TCE. Just received a denial for any benefits from VA. Now I have to challenge thier decision.
Like fighting a brick wall!
Would appreciate any other information of incidents regarding this stuff.
Thanks again.
J. Palka former Sgt E-5
Similar situation, developed Graves Disease, diagnosed in the early 80's, now find that there is a direct correlation between TCE exposure and thyroid disease. Very dismayed to hear about your denial, thinking about filing myself.