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Re: Submitting Information into the Forum

I was assigned to Delta battery, 2/71, 38th ADA in April of 1980.
I PCS'd from White Sands Missile Range where we did much testing on the IHawk system.
I believe I was some of the last soldiers to man the "highest US Tactical site" in South Korea, as we were working on turning the site and all the equipment over to the ROK army and it's Katusa's.
When I got back stateside, I was again sent to WSMR, and was assigned to a new missile system, called Patriot. Much like the Hawk system, with the exception of no launchers.
Missiles were stored, and fired from the magazine which held 8 missiles.
Pretty awesome some of you were in Korea for the beginning of the Hawk system, and some of us were there for the end...