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Radar System Radiaion

Ionizing Radiation From Radar Emissions:

->>> Let me bring you Nike Guys up to date with our Ionizing Radiation Exposures from Radar on Hawk Missile Sites. This also applies to All Radar Equipment used in All American Military Services.
Exposure To Ionizing Radiation By Radar, Microwave Radio Frequency,
->>> Carl Palmer, near Seattle, WA sent this out & I got started with sharing this Important Information. A Doctor at the Seattle VA brought this 'Ionizing Radiation Exposure to Carl's attention.
->>> Look this over and consider visiting your Local Veterans Affairs Office to get Registered with the VA for your 'Exposure To Microwave RF Radiation for your assignment with Hawk ADA. (or any system using Air Surveillance Radar), You too should be Registered for 'Occupational Exposure During Military Service With The US Army ADA'. 
Personal History Of Exposure To Ionizing Radiation (ICD-9-CM V15.89) -> To all of us ADA Veterans and those who served with the Air Surveillance Radar. We are working at getting this information out to all Veterans who may qualify for this New Screening. This Ionizing Radiation Screening the VA came out with this year is for All Veterans who served around Microwave RF Radar Radiation. No Matter if you have medical problems that may link to this or not, -> 'Register'!
->> This includes our Cooks, Mechanics, MPs, Maintenance, Commo, Medics, etc. that were there with us.
->> Calvin Bridges / Spartanburg SC / Served with: D 3/84 FA (Pershing), Nickersulm Germany, Jan. 1972 to June 73. C 1/2 ADA (Hawk) - Namyang-Dong, S. Korea - Nov. 1976 to Nov. 77, C 3/7 ADA (Hawk) - Bamberg Germany - Dec. 1977 to July 80,
->> This is for ALL ADA Assigned Veterans. So, pass this out to all of these contacts that you have who apply to this! Army, Marine, AF & Navy Veterans who served with ADA or any Air Surveillance Radar, needs this Accurate Information. 
->>> Please update/inform our Veterans. This statement needs to show up for these Veterans, VA Medical Record.
ACTIVE PROBLEM: Personal History Of Exposure To Ionizing Radiation (ICD-9-CM V15.89) Ref: Veterans Health Benefits Handbook, July 2012, Chapter 3, Page 19. <<<<<-
Ref: Ionizing Radiation Review, Volume 5, February 2011, From Veteran 'Carl Palmer of Seattle WA, "I just returned from the Seattle VA Hospital & I am now on the VA Health Registry for Occupational Exposure of a US Veteran During Military Service with the HAWK ADA Missile System. Ionizing Radiation is defined by the VA as Atmospheric Nuclear Weapon Exposure, Particle Radiation, I.E. Nuclear Waste Disposal & Dirty Bomb Attacks. HOWEVER, Ionizing Radiation, (Radio Frequency Emitted) from Radar Devices has the same effects/affects & is covered.
->>> ANYWAY, Fellow ADA Veterans: 'We Were All Exposed'. I was in Maintenance, but We Were All Exposed. Even if you have no symptoms, you are entitled to a Free Specialized & Comprehensive Health Examination provided by a VA Environmental Health (EH) technician, which I received. Though the Army paid for my Cataract Procedure in Both Eyes, I was informed today that This Is Considered Service Connected for those on the registry. Contact your Local E H Coordinator to request information about registry examinations. or 1-800-749-8387. Good Luck". Carl Palmer,
->>> Ionizing Radiation Exposure to Microwave RF on Army TAC Sites From: Dr.H.R.Myler, (Former TCO Officer with Hawk ADA Missile Systems): "Just a short note regarding this. I am thinking that it was in the 1977-1978 time frame that the entire Battalion (3/7) was sent in for Eye Screening & this was because of Potential Ionizing Radiation Effects. I am currently what they call a (Melanoma Suspect) because my irises (started 3 years ago when I was 5 are beginning to deteriorate & break apart. The pieces are clogging the trabecular mesh-work, which is a filtering mechanism for the aqueous humor that fills the eyeball. If this filter becomes too clogged, intraocular pressures rise & if high enough they will cause damage to the retina. This is full-blown melanoma. I am not overly concerned because I am under the careful eye, (no pun intended), of a very competent melanoma specialist & the disease is treatable). That said, I am now wondering if this condition was aggravated or initiated by the 'Ionizing Radiation' that I experienced those few years spent on Hawk ADA - TAC sites. I would welcome similar stories if any of you have them".
H. R. Myler, Ph.D.,P.E.
Professor & Chair
William B. and Mary G. Mitchell Endowed Chair in Electrical Engineering
Phillip M. Drayer Department of Electrical Engineering
Lamar University
Beaumont, Texas 77710-0029
p: 409.880.8747 f: 409.880.8121
->>> Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more, you should never wish to do less--'Robert E. Lee'
->>> Thanks Dr. Harley for sharing this with us. With your permission, I want to add this to my e-mail contacts as I continue getting out this to them. As you see below, I address this to ALL Veterans of our Military Services where Tracking Radar or Air Surveillance Radar was used. We also encourage our Veterans to pass this along to all other Suspecting Veterans & those who may know of Veterans who worked with these Radar. 
Calvin Bridges,
->>> "Please do! Vets often receive criticism as being gimpy with after-service medical, but this was a serious, long-term exposure to radiation that was not well understood when it came to long-term effects. We knew the high-energy exposure effects, that gave rise to the microwave oven, but the effects on delicate tissues such as the eyes were just beginning to be discovered. 
->>> I had a 16E squad leader by the name of Castro (can't recall his first name) who was directly exposed to the IHIPIR one afternoon when we were playing volleyball. He was shirtless and when he complained of sunburn, and you may know how hard it was to get sunburn in Germany, I noticed that the IHIPIR closest to where we were playing was pointed directly at his back. I yelled to him to get out of the way and ran into the BCC to yell at the van guard to get that Radar up to safe elevation and azimuth. I wonder now if this man has had an issue with melanoma".
->>> Dr. H. R. Myler, Ph.D.,P.E, / 2nd. – 1st. LT, HHB & Alpha Battery, 3/7 ADA, 1076 to 78,
Military Exposures - Public Health
Information for Veterans, the public and health care providers about chemical, radiation, physical and environmental hazards during military service, possible health problems, and related VA programs

Re: Radar System Radiaion

Amazingly the VA here is calling any exposure to the Hawk Radar Systems be it in the field in Korea or training in Ft Bliss non-ionizing radiation. I have been denied twice this Ionizing Radiation Screening because they think it is non-ionizing?

Re: Radar System Radiaion

The VA gave me a "Ionizing Radiation Registry Examination" in August 2017. The Doctor says I should be on the Registry, but cannot confirm it. How can I find out if I am on the Registry? Who do I ask?

I was a Hawk HIPIR radar student, instructor, maintenance for 3 years in 1966-1968.

I now have had Multiple Myeloma for 5 years 2013-....


Re: Radar System Radiaion

I went in to see the one urologist at the Bath, New York VA and the waiting room was packed and the hall outside was flooded with men. I stood up and helmed, HEY, HOW MANY MISSILEMEN ARE THERE HERE THIS MORNING?" Almost every man raised his hand, ... All suffering prostate problems. The VA said the Hawk HYPAR RADAR attacks the prostate, bladder and intestines.

Re: Radar System Radiaion

Any ideas where we can find where the VA says the hipwr radar attacks the prostrate and bladder. Would be nice to see that. There is still no admittance here in the "Ohio" VA that the Hawk radars were ionizing radiation, they call it non-ionizing. I showed them the bulletin on the VA web site that issued the information and they still called it non-ionizing on my denial?

Re: Radar System Radiaion

Contact the environmental health coordinator in your VA hospital