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Re: Korea C-6-44, 1969

did you know a guy named papagni. he served with me as a 22j20. may have still been there. know he went to Nm, but don't know when he left Korea.

Re: Korea C-6-44, 1969

served there until Feb 1967. was a 22J20, missile and launcher maintenance.

Re: Korea C-6-44, 1969

Bill I remember you. I was missile maint but they needed someone to replace sgt Waite in supply so I went to the supply dept. I remember Papagini. Cant remember his first name but remember the face. I think he was a California guy. I left Korea and Army in Sept

Re: Korea C-6-44, 1969

I was in C Battery from July 69 to Aug 70. 24B CW Radar Mechanic.

Re: Korea C-6-44, 1969

Steve, are you still with us? I have waited almost two years for a response. Worried.

Mike C-6-44

Re: Korea C-6-44, 1969


Yes, I am still around. Thought I replied last time.

My real email address is:

I live in Southern California in the winter, then my home-town of Bremerton, Washington in the summer.

Would love to hear from you.

I have kept in touch with Larry Johnson (generator mechanic).

Also saw Lane Kaiser and Pete Sohn when I got back to Ft. Bliss.

Steve Johnson