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HAWK - Battery D, 8th. Missile Battalion, 3rd. Artillery, APO 96331, Tokashiki

My MOS 16E10 Date of service 12/63 to 2/Nov/65
Was pulled off of radar duty to be a Training NCO. That is what I wanted in the first place. I did a demo and that's all it took. They needed a person that could type Secret documents of the test that were done. I could type 40 WPM and they fellow that was supposed to be a typist could not type even 3 words a minute. The duty was better than the hill.

Any way I am curious if anyone from my battery.
I recall these people:
Capt. Dolan, 1st.Lt. Coners whom I reported to, Specialist Upenberg the company clerk. One person we called "Snake". Duglas Lutz. Sgt. Darling and we all called him sugar lips.
Did serve in security on Okinawa for several months.

Just checking to see if anyone of these gentlemen are in this post.

Best Regards

Ray Walters

Re: HAWK - Battery D, 8th. Missile Battalion, 3rd. Artillery, APO 96331, Tokashiki

I served from Nov. 1967 until Nov. 1968, my MOS was 24F20. I worked on the PAR, ROR and BCC, the service members you referred to were gone when I arrived. My memory isn't what it used to be, I wish I could remember my section Sargent's name that left about the time I arrived. He was a E7 that liked to show you differ tricks/magic that he was very good at. I just wanted to respond that there's still a few left that served on Tokashiki, I found this site while looking for pictures.