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Re: Delta 4-1 ADA HAWK, Reitscheid Germany

I was at Delta 4-1 ADA HAWK, Reitscheid, from 83 to 86 (My Second Tour) the first tour I was station in Giebelstadt C 6/52th. I happen to be in Germany at the moment taking a trip on the Old Memory Train. Last week I went to Look for the sites but they are all gone!! Not Much of them remains. At D 4-1 There was the Tough 1st Sgt. Can not remember his name. Other people there were: SSG Sosa Bravo Hawk Section Chief; Myself (SSG Martinez) Alpha Hawck Section Chief; SGT Marrero; SP4 Tiers; and Many Others. PS. Will Check this Page again in a few weeks.

Re: Delta 4-1 ADA HAWK, Reitscheid Germany

i remember you from ft lewis or reitscheid kaserne in germany. i was in alpha platoon ssg cherry and sgt morrow. the 1st sgt was crazy david story.

Re: Delta 4-1 ADA HAWK, Reitscheid Germany

Fritts what did you do (your MOS?, Other People there: 1st SGT Story, David (The Fricking Crazy ass 1st SGT); I Do Remember SGT Morrow, I think he work at the Center Barn as a 16E or at the Motor Pool; Then SSG Griffin who was the Alpha Hawk Missile Section Chief who I took over his position after he left. U fortunately, I do not remember any more names at this time. I remember faces but this, of course does not help. At the time you and I were there something big happen at the missile site one night while we were getting ready for an Inspection. Do you remember what that was?

Re: Delta 4-1 ADA HAWK, Reitscheid Germany

Hi Danny Mcrary, Yes I do remember those guys, there was also SSG Griffin on the Alpha Hawk Missile Section Chief, I remember some of the people at the Center Barn the Radar and Launcher Mechanics but not their names. I recall that at noon, when we came down to the Barracks, there were 2 E-7s (Platoon SGTs Mechanics) that like to play pool and myself and a few other Missile guys would challenge them. Those were some crazy times in Germany. Many stories to tell.

Re: Delta 4-1 ADA HAWK, Reitscheid Germany


I was a 16D, Hawk Crewmember. The 1SG I remember was 1SG Tate, overweight, and loud as hell when he wanted to be. The Battery Commander was CPT Kathleen Ladig, Platoon Sergeants were SFC Fred Mizell, SFC Scoggins and SSG George Williams. I don't remember any of the names that you mentioned in your post. Again, I was there from December of 1985 until early April of 1988. Below is a list of all the guys I knew really well:

SSG Timothy Wilkins was my Section Chief, 16D
SPC Paul Abegglen
SPC Brian Schatz, still see him today
SPC Iverson
SPC Pope...Chris, I think
SPC Obrian, she was the medic
SPC Sullender
SPC Springs...female
SPC Michael Jones, met in basic, very close to this guy
SPC Noyes
SPC Gregory Patrick
SPC Ronnie Bell
SPC Curtis Ware, Supply guy
PFC Evensizer
PFC Brook Robinson, female

These are the ones that I remember pretty well. Do you have contact with others that may verify the timeline???

Re: Delta 4-1 ADA HAWK, Reitscheid Germany

Hi Fritts, Wow!! You remember a lot. Very good memory. I will have to check my timelines. I was station in Germany 4 times Starting with the first tour in January 1979 till Dec 1981 (first tour was in Giebelstadt next to Wurzburg). Then I went to Ft Bliss for a Year and a Half so I must have arrived in Germany Between May and July 1983 till May/July 1986. I Remember that the 4/1 ADA 32d AADCOM Headquarters were in Hoppstadten (next to the bldg there was a little airport like where Germans would fly this gliders), I Leaved in Freisen and would shop at the Baumholder Commissary. Delta 4/1 ADA was in Reitscheid, which before Hawk used to be a Hercules Site. Thinking a bit more, I also remembered having a very short (6 to 8 months) CONUS tour, at FT Bliss, before returning to Germany, if that tour was my first then, my 2d Germany tour would have started around July/Sep 1982 until July Sep 1985. This then would, in some respect, explain why I do not recognize most, if not all the names that you mentioned. Still I need and want to check all my papers to make sure of the Dates of my second tour. I will get back to you then.

Re: Delta 4-1 ADA HAWK, Reitscheid Germany

Thanks, yeah, I have a pretty good memory. I think its still good, because I am still in the ADA in Florida Army National Guard as a CW5 now. I got out in 1988 and went straight in the Guard where they just got the HAWK system. I was only one of 6 qualified guys in the entire Battalion, and I have been here ever since. I arrived as a SPC, E-4 and now I am a CW5.

I remember much of what you stated as well. However, the 32 AADCOM was located in Darmstadt, the Battalion Headquarters was in Hoppstadten. I know this, because, I lived off-post with my then wife, right next to that small glider field. I also remember the "Tac-Site" at Delta Battery very well. Shortly before my arrival there, terrorist from the Red Army Faction cut holes in the fenceline there and bombed 2 of the radars. It was heavy guard duty, and roving patrols when I got there...I will never forget those days. I met a lot of good people there and like I mentioned before, I still maintain contact with a handful of them. I greatly appreciate your replies.