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Re: 2nd/71st ADA - Korea

I was there may 1973- may 1974 .I was military police sentry dog handler.spec4
Paul Christy . Delta battery did have a great view , road was bad in winter .
we rolled a truck over on it's side right where the road leveled out and the
rice paddies began , driver and guys up front were checking out a playboy mag.

Re: 2nd/71st ADA - Korea

When were you stationed there. I worked as training NCO, and company clerk as well as working on site as crew chief when needed. Worked for 1SG Cato. Like to here from you.

Bill Phillips

Re: 2nd/71st ADA - Korea

Your name sounds familiar. SSG Bill Phillips when there. I worked in training room, on site when needed, and then took over as company clerk when John left. I was there when the truck when over with some of our guys in it. Like to hear back from you.

Re: 2nd/71st ADA - Korea

Dan Beyer
Here's a link to a Facebook page which is all about those who served in the 2nd (Hawk) Missile Bn of the 71st Air Defense Artillery in Korea. Check it out and add your photos and experiences to the page. You may find someone you know there.
William Kenney
A 2 71 1967 1968
I personally rode on the truck as they sprayed A Battery.
For those who broke down the hill and went north and set up again as a timed exercise this would put you on the DMZ. You would then be consider a DMZ vet for the purpose for claims for agent orange.

Re: 2nd/71st ADA - Korea 71-72

was there also as 31M radio relay - not feeling to good this past year hope with the new ruling VA can help but dates are still Aug 71 but no more unit qualification is needed as of last month -- welcome Home Brothers. I remember a Pat Paterson from Cailf? we put a duce&1/2 off a bridge summer of 72 with mailman name

Re: 2nd/71st ADA - Korea

I was station there 81 for a short period the tac site closed I was in hospital at the time I was then sent to camp red cloud do you know why the site was closed

Re: 2nd/71st ADA - Korea

I held the como sgt. place. my had a broke leg.... i spent Christmas up there on TAC site. Hated the walk..