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Personnel who served at A-6-44

I was at A-6-44 From June 67 to Oct 68. I came to battery as 16D but was reassigned to motor pool. I also ran the movie projector for awhile. I remember taking 5ton wrecker to tacksite on cold winter nights to change power supply on one of the radars.Just looking for personnel who were their at same time as I was.

Re: Personnel who served at A-6-44

My husband served A-6-44 from the latter part of January 1965 until the last Friday in February 1966. He passed 12-17-17 from radiation caused thyroid cancer and B-Cell Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Does anyone out there who served with him know of anyone else that passed or is battling cancers?

Re: Personnel who served at A-6-44

Robert Lee Proffer's MOS was Launcher Crewman, Hawk Maintenace, Missle Assembly Specialist. He received training at Ft.Bliss, TX the latter part of 1964 after bootcamp at Ft. Ord which is no longer there.

Re: Personnel who served at A-6-44

Mrs Proffer,I am sorry for your loss.
I served A/6/44 from June 1971 until January of 1972 and between ionizing radiation and herbicide use to control vegetation many of us suffer many types of cancers. I repaired the radars so I was exposed to all of whatever was used. I filed a claim in 2013 and have been fighting many forms of cancer and have been working with the VA to try to win some help but have not as yet won. If you want to talk to your local VA rep about your husbands service they will help you as much as they can most are good folks trying to help.Look them up under to find the closest one.

Good luck,
Pat Thompson