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HAWK Missile Veterans Association
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Camp Page 7/5 ADA folks

Hi all,
I'm looking to connect with anyone who "did time" at Camp Page!!! I was part of 7/5 HQ battery at Camp Page from Aug 69-Sept 70. MOS was a 26H20, Air defense radar repairman. worked on a AN-FPS 69 and the IFF systems at the Batteries!!
Looking for anyone from 7/5 during that time.

Re: Camp Page 7/5 ADA folks

I was at Page in the same time frame as you at the DSP. I was a 22K HAWK Missile & Launcher repairman.

Re: Camp Page 7/5 ADA folks

Hey Paul,
Were you part of 7/5 or the 4th Missile command?
Who did you hang with?