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Whitley Z9424 crash at Rottevalle, the Netherlands

The Missing Airmen Memorial Foundation is looking for information about the crew of Whitley Z9424. The bomber failed to return from an operation to Emden during the night of 14 / 15 January 1942. It was intercepted over the Northern part of The Netherlands and shot down by Kurt Zipperlein. Three crew-members, S.C. Camp, E.J. Richards and R.J. White were killed. They are buried at Rottevalle. G.S. Booth, W.D. Muirhead and H.C. Needham succeeded in baling out. They were taken prisoner by the Germans.

D.S. Drijver,
Treasurer and researcher.

Re: Whitley Z9424 crash at Rottevalle, the Netherlands

Reginald White was my Mothers elder brother, members of our family recently visited the grave and met locals who still hold a service at the church once a year. If there is more information we would dearly like to know about this tragic loss of a family member

Best regards

David Shearmon