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Halifax DT567 (English Electric Factory Photo)

While researching Halifax JP202 (VR-T) came into possession of B&W photo (English Electric) (11-3/4" x 9-1/2") of Halifax DT567. Photo taken November 1942, English Electric Factory and shows about 20 members of an American "Delegation" along side DT567.

Further searching indicates DT567 lost (Gardening) March 7, 1943.
Crew K.I.A.
-Dorman R.E., F/Sgt.
-Harding A.R., Sgt.
-Holmes A.L., P/O.
-McAleese P.J., Sgt.
-Ramshaw J.G., Sgt.
-Tombe G., Sgt.
-Ulrich J.E., P/O.

If anyone wants a copy , I will happily forward (no charge, jpeg format).

Richard Petrina

Re: Halifax DT567 (English Electric Factory Photo)

Hi there,
A friend of mine also has a copy of this photograph but a much larger one: 19.25" x 11.5" and he is trying to find out the names of the people in it. If you have any information which I can pass on I would be very grateful.