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Carl Winston Cassini (shot down 18 Dec 1944)

I'm searching for any info/photos of Flight Officer Carl Winston Cassini who died with his crew when their plane crashed in Belgium on 17/18 Dec 1944 (incident no NP934). Any info whatsoever about Carl, his family or his other crew members would be gratefully appreciated (for my father, his friend, now aged 88).

(Other crew members: Bernard Mark TWILLEY, Robert HALL, Hugh Brenton JONES, Harold HILDEBRAND, Edgar Harold BARON, Richard HOLDEN and Roy Challinor HILTCHEN)

Re: Carl Winston Cassini (shot down 18 Dec 1944)


The record for this in Snaith Knights


NP934 17/18 dec 44 P/O B M Twilly (pilot) FTR Duisburg.
another plane lost that night was
NR248 17/18 dec 44 MH-A W/O W A Bates FTR Duisburg

these were the last planes lost from the squadron in 1944. Only eleven planes were lost after them in 1945 before the squadron moved.

Twilley B.M. P/O 18.12.44 NP934
Baron Edgar H. 149632 F/O Co-Pilot 18.12.44 NP934
Cassini C.W. F/O 18.12.44 NP934
Hall R Sgt. 18.12.44 NP934
Hildebrand H.W. W/O 18.12.44 NP934
Hitchen R.C. Sgt. 18.12.44 NP934
Holden R. F/Sgt. 18.12.44 NP934
Jones H.B. Sgt. 18.12.44 NP934

unsure why there are eight mentioned, could be someone was being shown the ropes.

neil anderson