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51st reg water colour/89 signutures

i have a water colour 22 * 17 inches with a varsity(i think} on a runway,with crest on left and record of service/planes flown in on right,there is 89 signutures-des bof afm,dick barton,ernie dunsford etc,theres a sticker on the back saying from the mess of RAF wyton.presented to G.V.AYRESin 1948,also 238 stradishill suffolk,if anybody can help i would appriciate it,denis

Re: 51st reg water colour/89 signutures

Hi Denis, I think the Varsity picture you have was used as a development platform. The names you mentioned Ernie Dunsford, Dick Barton and I presume Bes Bye AFM where members of "C" flight 51 Sqdn and I seem to recollect that G Ayres was a member of the Electronic Warfare Avionics Unit (EWAU) at Wyton and the painting may have been presented to him io his leaving, but it's only a guess. I don't understand the date you mention (1948). I was a member of "C" flight from Nov 1968 to Aug 1983.
D Prout