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Bernard Kipling

Hi I am trying to write a family history at the moment, my uncle Bernard Kipling was shot down and killed whilst flying as an observer in Whitley P5106 with 51 squadron on the night of 9/5/1941 over Eindhoven, I was wondering if anyone could possibly provide details of the raid they were on or names of other mebers of the crew,I have got a photo that I think is of the crew but I dont know how to post it here but if anybody wants to email me I will send them an email copy, I know this is a long shot but!!! .

Re: Bernard Kipling

Dear Sir,

Sgt B.Kipling was a member of a Whitley bomber P5106 MR-O shotdown in the night 9/10 May 1941 over Boshoven(2 Kms West of Weert)at 03.05Hrs. Ops Ludwigshafen.
P/o P.Myers(pilot), Sgt H.G.Browne, Sgt B.Kipling, Sgt G.A.Selby and F/Sgt A.Jackson. Took off from Dishford at 21.59 Hrs.

Re: Bernard Kipling

Hello Bernard,

On the internet, at the site of 51 squadron, I discovered you’re question about the crash of you’re uncle in Holland. I am writing a book about airplane crashes in our area. Our village is called Budel (Holland) and is situated near tot the Belgium border. I am looking for some time after a photo of the crew. In you’re e-mail I learned that you have a photo of them. May I have a copy of it. I would be very thankful.

Whit kind regards,

Rene Vos

Budel (Holland)