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51 squadron halifaxs era

First I'm sorry for my approximate English but I'm living in Belgium and it's not easy for me to speak and write your langage. I'm not a full time writer but two years ago, I decided to write a book about the halifax NP934 who crashed the 18 december 1944 near the town where I'm living. My wish is not to make money but just helping young people in my country to never forget. I'm finishing this book but my wish is now to find some pictures to illustrate my story. Perhaps have you got some documents about Snaith and 51 squadron ?? Perhaps do you accept to send me a copy just to illustrate my words. I know it's always possible to find more near the IWM but I'd like to find personnal photos free of copyright. Perhaps have you got possibility to help me ??
I sincerelly hope to hear from you soon.