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Whitley P4986 Aug17,1940 loss - Searching Crew Information

I am very glad to find your Internet Site and maybe it will help to fill this puzzle about an Whitley from the 51.Sqn crashed near my home town:
During a raid against Bohlen Oil Plant it seems that Whitley P4986 was hit by flak near Peine at about 4000m and burst immediatelly; a photo of the body of one of the crew (name not known yet) shows that they had no time to hook their chutes.
The Whitley came down in pieces; the main site was a few meters N/E from the little village ESSINGHAUSEN East of Peine. Collecting the remaining photos and interviewing some whitnesses, I could identify the type of aircraft; scanning the lostbombers-website it was possible to find the only one that was in the range.
The crew was (I hope to have the right position for them):
Pilot F/L John Stanley SCOTT 37484
CoPilot Sgt Frederick Allen BEALE 741185 25Y from Clapham, Bedfordshire
Observer Sgt Roy Desmond Edward CLARKE 580869
Radio Op Sgt Peter Duncan Salmon 551589
Air Gunner Sgt Harry Haggett 626994 19Y from Stafford

I would be very glad to get some more information about
- the raid against Bohlen because the routing could show if I found the real one
- the aircraft, maybe a photo because the marking is not known
- the crew - personell information about their short life an, if possible in any way photos of them.
They are burried at the Commonwealth war cemetery at Hannover-Limmer.
Finally I would be glad to provide your archive with copys of all things to be found here at Peine.
Thanks for any assistance,