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Maxwells from Ballymacward & Neills from Derryaghy Parish.

My grandmother was Frances Maxwell who married a William Neill around 1854 in Derryaghy Parish. Both fathers names were John. Does anyone have information on the Maxwells from Ballymacward or Neills from around Derryaghy parish?

Re: Maxwells from Ballymacward & Neills from Derryaghy Parish.


Would it be possible for you to email me at my email address

I want to put you in touch with someone who may have some information on the Maxwell's at Ballymacward. I also have some headstone details re the Maxwell's from that area who were buried in Derriaghy Parish Church.


The Digger

Re: Maxwells from Ballymacward & Neills from Derryaghy Parish.


I found the following records in GRO Belfast re Derriaghy


William Neill m Frances Maxwell at Derriaghy on 15 09 1854
Other weddings re Maxwell family in this church include:
02 06 1870 James Maxwell & Margaret Jane Magee
31 08 1860 William maxwell & Sarah crow
20 09 1862 James Maxwell & Eliza Jane Maxwell
03 02 1880 William Maxwell & Martha Waring


Re: Maxwells from Ballymacward

Good morning! Saw your post in reply to Edna and wondered if you might be able to help me as well.

I have yet to pin down my 3xgps marriage, Teresa Magee m Thomas Maxwell, but there are three children found born to them: Margaret b1841, Caroline "Charlotte" b1843, and Jane b1845. These children were baptd in St Patrick's RC Belfast.

The names Charlotte and Abraham recur in this family, and the latter seems to be interchangeably used with Ephraim, depending on the registrar. Because of the Ephrims and Sharlet (sic), I had been leaning toward the 1851 census family from Aghagallon, but also considered Ballymacward because of the listings for Abraham, James, Patrick, and Daniel Magee, as well as Thomas Maxwell, in Griffiths Valuation.

Any info you can provide on Ballymacward Maxwells would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much and have a great day!

Re: Maxwells from Ballymacward & Neills from Derryaghy Parish.

Hi Digger.

Have you come accross Ellen Maxwell who married Thomas Stewart. She was from Dundrod "Hillcrest"?

Location: stoneyford

Re: Maxwells from Ballymacward & Neills from Derryaghy Parish.

Hi Edna
I.m researching my family ...
My great great granny was Mary Ann Thomson Gray ..who married Thomas James Stewart .
His father Thomas Stewart was married to Ellen Maxwell who I believe to have been part of the Ballymacward Maxwells.
They were Methodist and were married in Glenavy..
I.m in the process of trying to go look at the original church records for births and marriages for them.
Thomas and Mary Anne Stewarts eldest daughter Ellen Maxwell Stewart was my great grandmother who died at 27 .
My granny was Wilhelmina Smith nee Stewart who lived at Tornagrough.

Please feel free to contact me if you feel we are connected.
Claire Smith

Location: stoneyford

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