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James Charters 1794-1861 of "Glendona" Gobrana Crumlin Parish of Camlin

I am researching from Australia my Charters family connection.I think he may have been a farmer and army captain.Griffiths 1862 showed him as farming 96 acres at "Glendona".
He was married to Ann Skelton 1798-1871.
A son Clarence Hooper Charters 1829-1904 (Aust.) was father of my maternal grandmother.
A brother of Clarence bpt. 29 Sep 1833 at "Glendona" was William Skelton Ewbank Charters.He also came to Australia.The Charters Towers goldfield was named after him,so has a significant place in Australian history.

I would greatly appreciate any information about this family and their life at "Glendona" Gobrana.
Other members of the family came to Australia.

Location: Australia

Re: James Charters 1794-1861 of "Glendona" Gobrana Crumlin Parish of Camlin

When researching details of the legendary courtesan Laura Bell of Bellbrook, Glenavy, for my biography "Laura Bell Courtesan and Lay Preacher", I uncovered the following quote - refering to Laura's 1853 return to Glenavy on holiday - she "paid visits to old acquaintances including Mr James Charters of Glendona".

Location: Belfast

Re: James Charters 1794-1861 of "Glendona" Gobrana Crumlin Parish of Camlin

Hi Anthony,
I'm researching Laura Bell at the moment, and I'm very interested in reading your book. Could you give me any idea where I could buy it?
Hilary Kelly

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