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Hillis,Nixon and McClughan information

I am working on my family history and would like to hear from anyone related to, or knows any thing about the family of William Hillis that taught at Mount Cottage from 1882-1916 and lived in Ballyginiff.{ My grandfather]also about Helena Nixon who married William Hillis.
Does anyone know of the family of Joesph McClughan that farmed and live in Ivy Cootage?[ My other grandfather}

Re: Hillis,Nixon and McClughan information

Hi Helen

I found the following in the GRO in Belfast. SOme may be of use to you.

Marriage 22 04 1887 William Hillis to Helena Nixon

11 04 1917 Samuel Victor Hillis married Lily McClughan at Killead Presbyterian

18 09 1885 John Henderson married Lizzie Hillis at Killead Presbyterian

01 08 1877 Joseph McClughan married Catherine Palmer at Killead Presbyterian.

Other marriages at Killead Presbyterian

21 02 1853 Wm Henry Nixon & Mgt Ann McGlade
31 03 1858 James Nixon & Mgt Clotworthy
09 03 1860 Saml Alex Nixon & Agnes Wiley
05 01 1863 John Nixon & Helena George
22 12 1865 James Nixon & Mary Ann Nicholl
05 04 1883 John Nixon & Jane Wallace
27 04 1846 Alexander Bell & Sarah Bella Nixon
22 06 1850 Thomas Rea & Fanny Nixon
19 08 1856 Alexander McConnell & Olivia Nixon
19 02 1862 James Wiley & Mary Jane Nixon
26 01 1866 Robert Ramsey & Jane Nixon
10 09 1869 William Piercey & Margaret Ann Nixon
30 03 1872 ? Rea & Annie Nixon
23 01 1873 ? Bell & Helena Nixon
18 06 1889 ? Duncan & Annabella Nixon
09 01 1901 ? Erskine & Mary Nicholl Nixon
23 03 1912 ? Johnston & Sarah Elizabeth Nixon
25 04 1917 ? Minford & Emma Jane Nixon


Re: Hillis,Nixon and McClughan information

Hello to all interested in the history of the Hillis Clan.
My late Mother was a Hillis. I am constantly on the trail of this historic family.
Her roots were in Wexford and her G`father was born in Co.Down.
Love to hear from you all !1

Location: Lurgan,Co.Armagh

Re: Hillis,Nixon and McClughan information

Hi Helen
William Hillis is as far back as I know about.
William born Sept 3,1853 -died 1918 at Killead ,N.Ireland.He taught at Mount Cottage school from 1882-1916.William had a siter Lizzie that married John Henderson in 1885 but died befor the 1911 sensus.
If you can find a connection I would love to hear from you.

Re: Hillis,Nixon and McClughan information

Thanks so much for posting information on Nixon's in Killead.

Re: Hillis,Nixon and McClughan information

Hi I have traced my family tree to a John Henderson from tully rusk his first wife died and he remarried to an Isabella maybe there is a connection

Re: Hillis,Nixon and McClughan information

Hi I am related to the Henderson fron tully rusk and Hillis from east Belfast my great grandfather was a William Hillis but I don't know anyone fairer than that maybe it is a help

Re: Hillis,Nixon and McClughan information

Hi Emily,
I know it's been a while since you posted your message but I have just come across it. I checked out the John Henderson from Killead married to Lizzie Hillis on GRONI and I think this must be a different John Henderson (in Tullyrusk) from my great great grandfather, I believe he married Agnes Jane White in 1854 (the only marriage cert was for Banbrook in Banbridge). There are land valuation records online with PRONI showing John Henderson taking over the farm at Tullyrusk Dundrod from Agnes' mother Mary White. I have a death cert for Agnes Jane 18/6/1886 and a marriage cert for his marriage to Isabella Steele. John died in 1907, I believe my great grandfather was his eldest of 6 children, he was born in 1855. There are Will records in PRONI showing details of family members. The records are very difficult to follow and I hope I haven't followed the wrong person.
Andrew Henderson

Re: Hillis,Nixon and McClughan information

I was interested to come across your references to a Henderson-White marriage (in Ireland?) in my tracking of John Henderson of the "Glencoe Hotel" through a reference to his death 1899 after fall from sulky and being dragged. Clearly not the same John, or Agnes White, but my g'grandfather John Henderson (1854-1925) married an Agnes J. White (1857-1914) and to Otago as part of a large extended family from Lanarkshire/Bridge of Allan, Stirling (ex Glen Coe Hendersons), so I'm wondering if there's a link (or two) here. You may like to look at Lorna MacIntosh's website if wanting to check ( Regards, Anne H.

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