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Land occupiers Killead Antrim

I have photographed copies of a land indenture my GGG grandfather George Davison had with Hon Hercules Robert Pakenham in 1823. It says that the lease is for 22 acres in Crosshill Killead from Nov 1824 for 21 years or the life of John Thompson, son of Samuel Thompson, Muckamore Abbey, which ever is longer. I can see by the Griffith Valuations that his son William John Davison is the landholder for this land in 1862 yet my G grandfather Allen Davison (and now his descendants) live on a different property in Randox (the neighbouring townland)
Can anyone help me with information on how I can find out what happened to the lease on the property or trace the landholders from 1862.
Actually I have a couple of parcels of land I would like information on so hopefully I will be able to find out information on them as well.
If anyone can help or need further information, please reply.

Re: Land occupiers Killead Antrim

Hello Lee-Anne
I think I have been in contact with you a few years ago regarding Davison's of Glenavy, Killead.
I think I have found who was my GGG Grandfather JOHN DAVISON and he was buried on 24 January 1839. This John Davison was from Ballypitmave, Glenavy and was Church of Ireland.
I have just been looking at the Valuation Books for Ballypitmave which are online to see if there were any Davison's there at the time of those records which start in 1869 but there were not.
Can you tell me if any Valuation Books are online which cover the years before 1839.
Pat Berry in Australia

Location: Australia

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