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Quigleys of Glenavy

I am seeking any information about my great grandfather, Bannister Barker Quigley born c.1783 in Glenavy.He married Jane Bell, date unknown.He died in 1866 in Ireland.

Location: NSW Australia

Re: Quigleys of Glenavy

Do you have the information you require (since the posting was 3 yrs ago!) or are you still looking. If so, I can help.
Out of interest, which of Bannister and Jane's children are you descended from?

Location: Northern Ireland

Re: Quigleys of Glenavy

Hi Hilary,
Thank you for your reply! I am a grand daughter of Bannister's son Daniel Quigley born 1843, and his second wife, Margaret Mulry. I believe Bannister was born around 1783, died 1866 and lived in Glenavy. I am still looking for any details of Bannister's parents and any siblings, and also anything about his wife, jane Bell. Also interested in any stories or anecdotes about the family's life in Glenavy, and would dearly love to find any photos of any of the Glenavy Quigleys.
Very grateful for any help....

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