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Looking for info on Larmour Family

My Great grand father and Mother were Married in Donegore Church in 1872 28th Sept. His residence was given as Donegore and hers as Ballyclover. Their elder children were born from 1875 onwards... A cousin of mine has told me that they were born at Derry killutagh somewhere near Ballinderry. This fits in with my family oral history.. Our Larmours came from Ballinderry .My Ggrandmother was Mary Blaney..
Is there a Derry killutagh and are there any Larmours around there..Not sure if any after all this time. My South african cousins who have made contact with us after years are searching and now I am interested also... Thanks for any help or direction .

Location: Co Down

Re: Looking for info on Larmour Family

Hi Deirdre, there is a townland known as Derrykillultagh, near Ballinderry. I know there are a number of Larmours in that area. Hope this helps you.

Location: Upper Ballinderry

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