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Mallen or Mellan and Costley Families

My great grandfather Edward Mallen ( maybe Mellan locally )was born in Glenavy,Antrim around November 1852. I am led to believe that he was baptised in the St Josephs Roman Catholic Church in Glenavy on the 13th November 1852....parents being John Mellan and Esther Costley who I believe were married 05.10.1853 so 11 months after Edward was born.

Edward joined the Devonshire Regiment in 1870 in Belfast I am assuming to escape the ongoing effects of the Potato famine.
I have not managed to find anyone as yet researching or interested in these links. So here is my feeler to anyone interested or who might have any information in specific or general terms that might be of help to me.

Many thanks.

Re: Mallen or Mellan and Costley Families

Further to my e mail of almost two years ago.
John Millan married Esther Costley at St Joseph's RC Church. They had at least 7 children I believe all born in this area as follows:-
Edward Mellan 1852
Thomas Mallon 1855
Alexander Malin 1860
William Mallon 1861
Agnes Mallon 1864
Mary Mallon 1868
Rose Mallon 1871

The Griffiths Land & Property Valuation Books completed in 1864 finds a John Mallon of Carnkilly Lower leasing a house, offices and 14 acres of land from the Marquis of Hertford......I have not been able to find whether this is my John Millan (Mallon) above.

Any thoughts or comments would be welcome.

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