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Maxwells, Stewarts and Gray or Thomson Gray from Ballymacward

Can anyone tell me how I can access the birth certificate for
Mary Ann Thomson Gray ( as she spelt it on the certificate)
Mary Anne Thompson Grey (as spelt by minister)
who married James Stewart in Glenavy Methodist Church
fathers both farmers Ballymacward Upper Derriaghy
Thomas Stewart
Samuel Grey
witness' George Thomson and Margaret Jane Stewart.

I contacted the minister and he doesnt hold the registers.. also contacted Archives who dont have them either. searched Proni for her birth.. and get nothing.. Where would the registers be held.. Glenavy COI?
Does Anyone have her and her family details ..

Also the Maxwell family who also lived in Ballymacward...
as Ellen Maxwell married Thomas Stewart... parents to the above Thomas James Stewart.

Location: stoneyford

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