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The Rev. Alexander Stewart (1723-1771)

The Rev. Stewart was my 6th great-grandfather. He served in Glenavy Parish c. 1745. He was the son of Capt. Charles Stewart of Lisburn and Carrickfergus and Rose Hall Stewart of Narrow Water Castle. NC Gov. Arthur Dobbs, a cousin, influenced him to move to North Carolina with him in 1754. He lived until 1771, when he died as the result of injuries he sustained during a hurricane.
I wonder if there is any record of him in the parish. And especially, I would like to know the name of his first wife - who died of Yellow Fever shortly after they arrived in N.C. .
Thank you so much,

Location: Wilmington North Carolina

Re: The Rev. Alexander Stewart (1723-1771)

Hi Susan.
I will send you an email!

Location: Glenavy

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