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McLernon family of Glenavy and surrounds.


I am researching a John McLERNON (my great great grandfather) who, on joining the army in 1854, gave his home as Glenavy, Antrim. He was born circa 1832.

He may have been related to Elizabeth WILSON of Joy St Belfast (died 21 March 1909 aged 84 yrs) as the family retained a funeral card relating to her death.

John lived an interesting life including service in the Crimean War, Nova Scotia, and India throughout the mid 19th Century. He retired with his wife and family to NSW Australia where he had a cattle property at one point in the 1880's. His end is unclear though I suspect he died in Western Australia.

I am interested in information relating to any McLERNON's and would love to connect with McLernon family from that area.



Location: NSW Australia

Re: McLernon family of Glenavy and surrounds.

Hi Genevieve

I put your message onto our facebook site. We should hopefully get some replies and contacts for you.

Kind regards

Glenavy history.

Re: McLernon family of Glenavy and surrounds.


I just checked there for you

In 1901 census the Wilson family resided at Joy Street, Belfast.

Richard was the husband of Eliza Wilson and they had one son called James, aged 35 residing there.
Richard was a butler by trade.
I checked the birth of James and it appears he was born on 29 03 1866 at 24 John Street, Belfast. His father was Richard a butler and his mother was Eliza Wilson nee McLarnon!! It is spelt differently in various records, and locally also.

Hope that helps!

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