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Good day

Roxborough (Rocksborough, Roxboro...) is in Leet's 1814 Directory as the residence of John Dickson, in Glenavy. Can anyone identify this house / estate on a map, or say whether it exists today?

Probably the name comes from a Scottish lowlands connection. Possibly JD was related to the Dicksons in the later Griffiths valuations who leased (as did so many locals) from the Marquis of Hertford.



Re: Rocksborough

Hi Chris

thanks you for your enquiry.

There is a house named Roxborough in the townland of Ballydonaghy, Crumlin, outside Glenavy.

On the 1729 Conway estate map the land where the house is situated is owned by a John Hinthams.

I did not find any other records until the early 19th century. On an old early 1830 map the house is named as Rocksborough and there are also a series of ruins marked on the map. At that time it is in the name of James Morrow.

He owned 34 acres 3 roods and 28 perches of land including the house and a further 38 acres 0 roods and 38 perches of land to the north of the property.

On 6th April 1830 in the Belfast Newsletter a James Morrow from Legacorry (Legacurry - outside Lisburn) applied to register his freehold of land in the townland of Ballydonaghy.

In the Banner of Ulster newspaper dated 21 03 1854 the farm and land is up for sale.
It is listed as the property of the late James Morrow from Legacurry.

The later valuation records - Griffith indicate:
Property is numbered 34a in the townland of Ballydonaghy. It sits to the west of Springfield. Robert Morrow is listed at no 34 at this time and it is leased from the Marquis of Hertford. It is described as a herd’s house, offices and land and is 75acres, 2 roods and 10 perches.

PRONI valuation records online show later ownership.
VAL/12/B/1/16A –E
In 1871 – c1876 the ownership appears to change several times. A Connolly, ? and Samuel Boyd. Samuel Boyd has the property in the 1918 book.

Is a record that an Andrew Pinkerton resides there in the 1938 BSD. Andrew Pinkerton of Ballydonaghy a retired farmer dies on 19 12 1953. The admin is to Hans Elliott Pinkerton, farmer.

I hope that helps.

Re: Rocksborough

Many thanks

(I tried and failed to thank you in a post earlier...)

I see on this website a Hertford lease of 1829 to James Brown, for the lives of Ann Jane Dixon, Eliza Dixon, and Mary Dixon.

PRONI has letters of admin for "Eliza Brown (Wife of James Brown) late of Springfield Ballydonaghy Crumlin County Antrim who died 1 October 1862" so that sounds like the same Springfield.

Possibly these Dixon / Dickson ladies were connected to John Dickson of "Rocksborough"; his lease would be signed about 1807, but I have not seen it and unfortunately do not know the other name(s) on it, if any. I think John emigrated to America before 1820. Maybe there are leases or other Dickson mentions in the 1810s and 1820s.

Also the will of Hannah Bell Graham (c. 1800-1870) mentions local names Robert Morrow / Harvey / Martin / William Pinkerton.

I am looking for links between Glenavy folk and the Dicksons / Morrows / Martins some 10-15 miles away in Carnmoney.

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