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Arthur Fenton

Seeking any info re Arthur FENTON. Parents believed to be Elleanor (Ellen) Stewart & Edward Fenton (sometimes Finton). Sister - Margaret (Dunn) & brother - Edward emigrated to Australia.

Arthur (farmer) b.c1837, Antrim, d.1919, Antrim; married 12 Feb 1858 - Amelia QUIGLEY b.c1836 (parent - Thomas Quigley), d.1917, Antrim. No children.

The Belfast Morning News (Northern Ireland): Fri 19 Feb 1858
Feb 12, in the parish church Glenavy, by the Rev. J. Whiteside, Mr. Arthur Fenton, Crumlin, to Amelia, daughter of Mr. Thomas Quigley, of the same place.

Memorial window erected by Arthur in remembrance of his family, in Glenavy Parish Church.

With thanks,
Kaye Mill

Location: Australia

Re: Arthur Fenton

Hi Kaye
You are probably already aware. The family grave is at Glenavy Parish church. The headstone is transcribed and on the website.
The burial records show James was buried on 28 08 1829. Ellen on 11 01 1851. Amelia on 17 04 1917 age 82. Edward on 10 02 1877. Also on headstone are details of Arthur Pedlow and wife and daughter. Arthur Fenton Pedlow was listed as a railway employee and was an executor in estate of Arthur Fenton when he died in 1919. The Fentons lived at Main Street Crumlin near the Presbyterian Church. Officially it is the townland of Ballytromery. There is a wedding on 14 06 1855 in Glenavy of James H Fenton aged 21 from Crumlin - father Edward a farmer to Barbara Miller 21 from Glenavy. Father Thomas Miller a farmer. Married in presence of Alexander Quigley and Jane Palmer. The surname Finton turns up in burial records listed in Killead area and Ballydonaghy area. Please drop me an email as I would be interested in learning about the Fentons.

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