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Bells of Glenavy

I have traced my gg grandfather, David Bell b. 1867, back to Glenavy but can make no further progress. Is anyone else looking for Bells in Glenavy?

David Bell

Re: Bells of Glenavy

Hi David,

Do you know if the Birth entries have been checked at General Registry Office in Belfast? Births were recorded there from 1864. THere should be an entry for David Bell there. This may well give you some further details on his father, mother etc. It is possible there may be an entry in the baptism records at Glenavy Parish CHurch.


Location: glenavy

Re: Bells of Glenavy

David, I have a family tree for Bells of Ballymacricket & Tullynewbank, also one for Bells of Bellgrove, which you may care to look at if you have not seen them elsewhere. I am also very interested in Laura Bell of Bellbrook, in particular anything new that is not alresdy mentioned in Anthony Dennans , new book on Laura ,"Courtesan and Lay Preacher.

Location: 8 mountshalgus lane Randalstown Antrim bt41 3le

Re: Bells of Glenavy

Further details of the legendary courtesan Laura Bell of Bellbrook, Glenavy, including a family tree, can be found in her biography "Laura Bell Courtesan and Lay Preacher" by Anthony S. Drennan - for further details see

Re: Bells of Glenavy

Hi David et al

I'm researching the Bells who migrated to New Zealand & have a family tree for my gg grandfather Edward Bell (b 1805 d 1890) who married Maragret English and lived on the farm Lennymore near Glenavy. I understand his brother Daniel Bell was the curate at the Glenavy Parish church.

Keen to know if there is a connection with your David Bell?


Andrew Bell

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Re: Bells of Glenavy

I wrote a short biography of Laura Bell which appeared in the Dictionary of Irish Biography, so I'm interested in any additional or corrective information on her family background. I have also found another Bell of Bellbrook who may be her sister, halfsister or niece, so your family tree of the Bells might be helpful to sort them out. Do you know about Alicia Almeria Bell, who married three times? I'd like to know more about her; she also may have been a courtesan??

Location: Dublin

Re: Bells of Glenavy

I am searching for the family of Simon Bell who was a farmer in Killead in 1851. His son George Bell married Ellen Irvine and later moved to Belfast.

Location: Australia

Re: Bells of Glenavy

I have recently undertaken to pursue the origins of 3 Bells (siblings Allen, Catherine, and John) who immigrated to New Zealand in the 1860's. I believe they came from the Crumlin area, but one source does say Glenavy.
I am a descendant of Allen (my gt-gt grandfather), who left London on a ship called Nimroud, sailing on 28/12/1862 and arriving in Auckland 27/4/1863. He was abt 22 years old when he made that trip, putting his birth ca.1840/1841. Approx birth year for Catherine is 1845, and John in 1846.
On settling in the Canterbury area, Allen bought a farm and named it Glenfield. John eventually settled in Marlborough and named his farm Glenfield as well (he earlier had a farm in Canterbury called Belgrove). I note that Glenfield and Belgrove are both farms in the Crumlin/Glenavy area and feel sure there must be a connection.
Yesterday I came across a reference on the Glenavy History website to a marriage between Henry Bell and Matilda Jane McDonald in the Belfast Newsletter dated 17 Jun 1828. I think this may be pertinent as Allen named his first daughter Matilda Jane.
I would appreciate it if anyone can either confirm or deny that Henry and Matilda, had children of whom some were called Allen, Catherine and John.
Kind regards, Sheryn.
PS well done to the team at Glenavy History. A most fantastic resource.

Location: New Zealand

Re: Bells of Glenavy

My great grandfather was Rev. Daniel Bell born at Lennymore and his father was Edward according to Daniel's wedding Certificate. I have made contact with the New Zealand Bells who emigrated there. Please contact me for further information if you have not already contacted the New Zealand Bells. Whilst many of the siblings emigrated, there were some who stayed behind in Ireland. Unfortunatly, I have little further information on Daniel Bells siblings, father and further back. I would be grateful for any information that you might have.

As a side note, Daniel did not marry Suzanna daughter of Rev. Alan Bell of Banagher, Co. Offaly. He married Elizabeth Fleetwood.

Elizabeth's brother Thomas married Suzanna - his first marriage.

Syd Bell

Location: ENGLAND

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