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Both Sides Now Capitol Theatre Horsham

I am sure that a lot of fans are already making the journey to Horsham right now
wishing everyone safe travels and I hope to see some of your there.

It looks as if Lee is well and looking forward to it. He tweeted this earlier today.

Pleased to say I'm back to full strength and voice after a week from hell. Moving home and bedridden. Not a good combo.

Looking forward to seeing my buddy and singing in our first full concert together. @stephenrahman_h @CapitolHorsham . Band are booked!

Please post your reviews on here for those fans that can't make it today.

Re: Both Sides Now Capitol Theatre Horsham

Thanks Joan looking forward to reading some reviews,I hope he mentioned in his little chat whether he moved into his new house

Re: Both Sides Now Capitol Theatre Horsham

Yes acer Lee did mention that he has now moved into his new house by the sea.
I will try to do a review later but here is a pic that I managed to take at the very end of the show. #Enjoy

There was lot's of familiar faces there so I hope that we get some reviews soon.

 photo horsham1.jpg

Re: Both Sides Now Capitol Theatre Horsham

Thanks Joan so happy for him xx

Re: Both Sides Now Capitol Theatre Horsham

I was chatting to a friend recently about how hard it is to write these reviews and find something new and different to say each time
She said no one wants a set list or a blow by blow account.
What people enjoy is reading about your feelings.
Hmmm as this is not an X rated forum that may be difficult but I will give it a go.
I hadn’t been feeling great and I almost didn’t go to Horsham. But this was the first show of the year that my OH decided to join me and he was looking forward to it. So off we went arriving just 20min before the show started.
We found our seats in row E and was delighted to find myself sitting with old forum friends.

The lights dimmed Lee & Stephen came on stage to a warm and rowdy applause
Looking a bit pale with his curls unruly but oh my he looked FIT.
I couldn’t take my eyes off him.
Even when Stephen was singing I found my gaze wondering in Lee’s direction. Every gulp, every half smile, every bite of his bottom lip & skyward gaze had me totally entranced.
They have now made "Luck be a lady" their own and they have fun with it.

They both need to give themselves some time to ease into this show.
Personally I didn’t mind that they looked at the music stand so often but I heard the lady behind me commenting about “lack of prep” even though I heard her gasp and then cheer at the end of them both singing “Bring him home” and at the end she was on her feet whooping and cheering.

I love the way Lee’s head faces up as he goes for the high notes.
Exposing that throat wobble and that gorgeous masculine neck.
Lee can play the part of fall guy to Stephen’s teases about his ROTY.
I like this bit of the show very much as it is nice to see Lee shaking his ROTY with a cheeky grin and a twinkle in his eye.

Re: Both Sides Now Capitol Theatre Horsham

Thanks Joan sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well but I am sure you will be feeling a lot better after Lee's throat wobble and masculine neck you had me going hot under the collar!! thanks very much for review xx

Re: Both Sides Now Capitol Theatre Horsham

N-I-C-E! You can never have too much ROTY, just hope it didn't give you a fever!

I wish I could have seen this show but it's clashed with other stuff, I really hope they put some shows in next year, but of course they both go into Shows, so who knows?!

Thanks Joan xxx

Re: Both Sides Now Capitol Theatre Horsham

No time to do a review at the moment, but just to say Lee and Stephen did talk of doing more shows together next year - although goodness knows how they will fit them in!

They had a new duet, "Don't rain on my Parade" from Funny Girl, but I can't remember what it replaced.

One amusing moment. We were lucky enough to be in the front row. Lee came right to the very front of the stage to sing 'Feeling Good' .... . You know how he builds to the crescendo and then fades away softly ... well, for some unknown reason I glanced at Stephen, who was sitting on the stool looking straight at us ... and the look on his face was 'I know what you're thinking' .... !

Re: Both Sides Now Capitol Theatre Horsham

Please get well soon Joan.

Re: Both Sides Now Capitol Theatre Horsham

ALiz, whatever can Steve have been thinking? I'm sure you ladies were just admiring Lee's lovely shiny shoes . . .