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Small black child and white cat

A film that was shown during the same era as the Film Festival, small black boy befriends a white cat in an alley. I had always believed it was from the Film Festival but I see it isn't listed. Can anyone remember this wonderful film? Or direct me to an appropriate forum? I think in the end he brings it home and asks his Mother if he can keep it.
Thank you all for your help!

Re: Small black child and white cat

Hi, I believe the title was "JT" or something like that. I too loved this story, and also thought it was on the film festival (late sixties or early seventies?)I remember that the boy ( I think his name was JT) would bring the cat cans of tunafish to eat, and he left his transistor radio in the box he made for the cat to live in. Anyway, hope that might give you some clues to where to find this film. Carol

Re: Small black child and white cat

just found this link=scroll down through page on old christmas specials and you'll see the film description of "JT"

Re: Small black child and white cat

Hi Carol!

I bought a copy of JT, thinking that was the one I remember, but it is not. The show I saw was a much younger child. The cat was all white I believe and Im not sure if it was shown around Christmas or Valentines, but it was shown for several years. I just remember it really touched my heart as a youngster.