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The CBS Children's Film Festival
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Looking for title of film

Hi! What a great resource this is!! I am trying to find the name of a film, possibly set in the Netherlands, Amsterdam. It was about a family that lived on a houseboat. The kids would bike to town along the canal to buy groceries. The kids bought some cheese one day, but some jewel theives had hidden some diamonds or a diamond necklace inside the cheese. The theives chase the family down the canal, trying to get the cheese back, but the family doesn't know the jewels are inside. Do anyone remember this film?

Re: Looking for title of film

Hi M., you sent me an email about this one.

The name of this film is Hunted in Holland (1961):

It wasn't shown during the Festival, but it was definitely a Children's Film Foundation presentation, as you mentioned in your email. You can buy it and several other CFF films from Ebay and from this site:

Re: Looking for title of film

Yes! This is it. I'm so happy. Thank you very much! I will definitely be ordering from that website all of the movies that I can. I just wish there was a way to get Adventure in the Hopfields. These two movies, and The Johnstown Monster were my 3 favorites. Thank you again!!!

Very best regards,