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The CBS Children's Film Festival

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The CBS Children's Film Festival
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Just want to say thank you for a wonderful website. It let me visit my memories from childhood of Sunday afternoons with Kukla, Fran and Ollie. My favorite movie was Hand in Hand, I have thought of that film and the intense story it carried. So excited that it is available on DVD. It's sad that not all the films are available as I would love to sit down with my granddaughters and watch everyoneof them again.

Re: Memories

I also remember watching KFO & The CBS Children's Film Festival while growing up in PA. CFF was a staple of my Saturdays! My favorite films were "Paganini Strikes Again," and,of course, "The Red Balloon!" What a shame that my children - and possible grandchildren - won't have a chance to see these marvelous films. Quality programming for children is severely lacking in contemporary television. I consider myself lucky to have grown up with such outstanding television!